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March 31, 1999
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British and Irish Poetry since 1970

The most significant US anthology of innovative poetries from the UK and Ireland in over 25 years.

When most Americans think of contemporary British poetry, they think of such mainstream poets as Ted Hughes, Philip Larkin, and Geoffrey Hill. Yet there is a vibrant, diverse alternative poetry movement in the UK, inspired in large measure by the work of such significant mentors as Basil Bunting and J. H. Prynne. There is growing interest in this work in the United States - as alternative American poetries express increasingly transnational concerns - and yet almost none of it is available here.

OTHER is a highly focused anthology bringing together several important strands of English-language poetry that are not otherwise so readily accessible. It includes work by 55 poets, among them Cris Cheek, Brian Coffey, Fred d'Aguiar, Allen Fisher, Ulli Freer, Randolph Healy, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Wendy Mulford, Tom Raworth, Denise Riley, Catherine Walsh; a critical introduction addressing such topics as the interaction of British and American poetic traditions; and brief biographical and bibliographical notes on each poet.

About the Authors

RICHARD CADDEL is a director of the Basil Bunting Poetry Centre, University of Durham, editor of Pig Press, author of three collections of poetry including Larksong Signal (1997), and editor of Basil Bunting: Complete Poems (1994). PETER QUARTERMAIN is Professor of English, University of British Columbia, author of Disjunctive Poetics: From Gertrude Stein and Louis Zukofsky to Susan Howe (1992) and Basil Bunting: Poet of the North (1990), and editor of Dictionary of Literary Biography: American Poets, 1880 - 1945 (1986).


"Attempts to reveal to Britain and Ireland a poetic culture it has set to one side . . . [the introduction is] combative and historically useful."—London Review of Books


"In the past two decades, British and Irish poetry have undergone a silent revolution. While the mainstream media present us with a 'Britain' still writing poetry under the sign of Philip Larkin or Ted Hughes, a number of strong oppositional voices have emerged — voices committed to a radical rethinking of the 'Movement' and its tepid aftermath. Rick Caddel and Peter Quartermain have produced an excellent anthology of this breakthrough poetry. No one interested in the 'turn' of poetry in the late twentieth century will want to miss it."—Marjorie Perloff

""Caddell and Quartermain have gathered an intellectually and aesthetically challenging kaleidoscope of poems - fundamental information for anyone interested in contemporary writing. Other is the best anthology of British and Irish poetry now available.""—Charles Bernstein, David Gray Professor of Poetry and Letters, SUNY/Buffalo
Wesleyan University Press
Wesleyan Poetry Series

9780819522580 : other-caddel-quartermain
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