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June 30, 2007
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Original Discontents

Commentaries on the Creation of Connecticut's Constitution of 1818

Primary documents illuminate the second Hartford Convention

The Old State House in Hartford, Connecticut, was the site of two key political conventions in the early nineteenth century. The legislatures of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island sent official delegations to the first "Hartford Convention" at the end of 1814, when the War of 1812 was going badly. This convention threatened to make a separate peace with Britain if certain amendments to the United States Constitution were not accepted, and fell into disgrace when the war came to an unexpectedly favorable conclusion. The second convention, in 1818, drafted a constitution that reformed the structure of government established in the Charter of 1662 and submitted its handiwork to the people for approval. Parts of the Constitution of 1818 survive in Connecticut's present form of government.

Original Discontents contains twenty-five selections of newspaper and pamphlet commentary about this constitutional revision, introduced and annotated by the editors, along with text of the Fundamental Orders of 1639, the Charter of Connecticut (1662), and the Constitution of 1818. This anthology is useful to all students of Connecticut history and relevant to enduring constitutional debates.

About the Authors

RICHARD BUEL JR. is emeritus professor of history at Wesleyan University. He is the author of America on the Brink (2005) and lives in Essex, Connecticut. GEORGE J. WILLAUER is professor emeritus of English and American studies at Connecticut College. He is the editor of A Lyme Miscellany, 1776–1976 (1977) and lives in Lyme, Connecticut.
Wesleyan University Press

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