February 11, 2019
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Opening the Government of Canada

The Federal Bureaucracy in the Digital Age

Opening the Government of Canada presents a compelling case for a more open model of governance in the digital age – but a model that also continues to uphold democratic principles at the heart of the Westminster system. Amanda Clarke details the untold story of the federal bureaucracy's efforts to adapt to digitalage pressures from the mid2000s onwards. The book reveals the mismatch between the bureaucracy's Closed Government traditions and evolving citizen expectations and digital tools. Striking a balance between reform and tradition, Opening the Government of Canada lays out a roadmap for building a democratically robust, digitalera federal government.

About the Author

Amanda Clarke is assistant professor and Public Affairs Research Excellence Chair in the School of Public Policy and Administration at Carleton University.
UBC Press

9780774836920 : opening-the-government-of-canada-clarke
February 11, 2019
$89.95 USD

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