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May 6, 2011
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July 20, 2015
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Open Spaces

Voices from the Northwest

Edited by Penny H. Harrison
Foreword by Denis Hayes
Since its beginnings, Open Spaces has been on the cutting edge of thinking about the Pacific Northwest - an intelligent, provocative, beautifully conceived magazine for thoughtful readers who are searching for new ways to understand the region, themselves, and many of the major issues of our time.

The Pacific Northwest is known for its innovative solutions. Whether the challenge is integration with the natural world, the relationship of science and policy, learning to use what we know, or simply enjoying a balanced and fulfilling life, these writers, leaders in their respective disciplines, provide the background necessary to understand the issues and move forward. This lasting collection from the magazine is an invaluable resource for students, educators, and practitioners working in various fields as well as decision makers in government, business, and other sectors looking for real-world answers to ongoing conflicts.

Collectively, the writers in this volume apply their expertise and talent to provide an intelligent and informed context through which to see public issues and make sense of the changes that continue to shape the region and our world. Individually, they touch on our deepest sense of human experience and continuity and reflect the spirit of the Northwest. Open Spaces enlightens, challenges, and inspires.

Featured writers:
Bruce Babbitt
R. Peter Benner
Linda Besant
Emory Bundy
Jeff Curtis
Bob Davison
Sandra Dorr
Angus Duncan
David James Duncan
Tom Grant
Stephen J. Harris
Roy Hemmingway
Thomas F. Hornbein
William Kittredge
Jane Lubchenco
Kathleen Dean Moore
Lee C. Neff
James Opie
Diarmuid F. O'Scannlain
Jarold Ramsey
Richard Rapport
Eric Redman
William D. Ruckelshaus
Robert Sack
Edward W. Sheets
Scot Siegel
Kim Stafford
John Struloeff
Ann Ware
Charles Wilkinson

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About the Authors

Penny Harrison is the editor and publisher of Open Spaces magazine. She was formerly an assistant attorney general for Oregon, specializing in natural resource issues.


"For the past thirty years or so, the Pacific Northwest has been recognized widely for the range and quality of its belles-lettres. A highly readable collection of essays, poems, reflections, and stories, Open Spaces will burnish the regions' literary reputation."—John M. Findlay, Oregon Historical Quarterly, Spring 2012

"The essays and articles were unusually intimate, smart, thoughtful, artful and deeply connected to key regional issues."—Gretchen Legler, High Country News, December 2011

"The Open Spaces anthology is essential reading for anyone moving to Cascadia and to the rest of the world."—Brett Campbell, Willamette Week, June 22 2011

"The metaphysics of Northwest identity, grounded in a confluence of storytelling and analysis, is a ceaseless quest, and Open Spaces, the magazine and now the book, does it better than most. The anthology's lineup of 30 writers [is] impressive for its range, readability, and depth of knowledge."—Capitol Hill Times


"For many of us the Pacific Northwest is a combination of a lot of things: nature, cities, ancient cultures, pop culture, farms, fashion. For many years Open Spaces brought that vital synthesis to life, giving us a better sense of our region and our reasons for being here. This anthology is a celebration, both of the Pacific Northwest and of the important and enlightening work done by Open Spaces. This should be required reading for everyone, particularly those charged with stewarding this region into its next century."—Ethan Seltzer, Portland State University

"Writers with deep roots in this place are gathered here to tell us old stories of the land that has shaped our character. Open Spaces is a gift."—Molly Gloss, winner of the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Award

"This is a anthology of beautiful pieces - time devoted to reading these pieces will be rewarding!"—Jerry F. Franklin, University of Washington

"Just looking at the table of contents for this anthology launches the reader on a journey, and there could be no better tour guides than the impressive group of authors in this collection, who represent some of the most thoughtful observers about finding our proper place in the world."—Janet Neuman, Lewis & Clark Law School

University of Washington Press

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