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March 31, 2023
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Open Society Unresolved

The Contemporary Relevance of a Contested Idea

Is the concept of open society still relevant in the 21st century? Do the current social, moral, and political realities call for a drastic revision of this concept? Here fifteen essays address real-world contemporary challenges to open society from a variety of perspectives. What unites the individual authors and chapters is an interest in open society's continuing usefulness and relevance to address current problems. And what distinguishes them is a rich variety of geographical and cultural backgrounds, and a wide range of academic disciplines and traditions.

While focusing on probing the contemporary relevance of the concept, several chapters approach it historically. The book features a comprehensive introduction to the history and current 'uses' of the theory of open society. The authors link the concept to contemporary themes including education, Artificial Intelligence, cognitive science, African cosmology, colonialism, and feminism. The diversity of viewpoints in the analysis reflects a commitment to plurality that is at the heart of this book and of the idea of open society itself.


"Open Society Unresolved contributes some new perspectives to the existing literatures on the concept of Open Society. The volume demonstrates how the significant enrichment of the Open Society is possible with an emphasis on the pluralism of ideas and the embrace of non-western political ideologies, other than liberal politics alone. This enhances both the theory and practice of Karl Popper's own stress on openness. The book advances constructive debates on new ways of thinking about the open society, and the plurality of ways that will help to promote openness in society. It is a must-read for scholars interested in liberal politics, international politics and justice, moral philosophy and law."—Oseni Taiwo Afisi

"As new challenges continue to emerge and threaten open societies around the world, there is a renewed urgency in understanding the nature of the open society in all its complexity and diversity. This collection of essays does just that, exploring different historical, analytical, and political elements that make up open societies while noting that the very idea of the open society is itself contested. This is as it should be. Open societies prize the contestation of ideas and this volume exemplifies that ideal while examining it. Understanding the foundations and challenges of an open, free, and dynamic society is one of the most urgent and crucial intellectual tasks of our time and I can't think of a better place to start wrestling with those issues than this excellent volume."—John Thrasher
Central European University Press

9789633865897 : open-society-unresolved-royer-matei
Paperback / softback
228 Pages
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