December 8, 2019
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One Hundred Years of Hartt

A Centennial Celebration of The Hartt School

The University of Hartford's Hartt School celebrates its centennial in this lavishly illustrated book. The Hartt School holds unique qualities that continue to distinguish it from other performing arts institutions. Through personal and official written communications, school newsletters, speeches, and the exquisite quality of artistic expression, a belief in the value of art is continually reinforced, often with great eloquence, sometimes with humor, and always from the heart.

About the Author

Demaris (Dee) Hansen (D.M.A. Music Education) is a professor of music education at The Hartt School, University of Hartford. She is an active author and clinician who has written multiple books, chapters, and articles on language and literacy connections to music, instructional pedagogy, and curriculum design. Hansen performs regularly on Baroque and Renaissance flutes, Baroque guitar, and lever harp with the Entwyned Early Music trio. Dee is the only woman promoted and awarded full professor of music in the history of The Hartt School, though she is confident that more women will reach this status in the near future.


"Demaris Hansen perfectly describes the creativity and devotion to art—from Moshe Paranov through Jackie McLean to Malcolm Morrison—that has since 1920 driven The Hartt School, inspired its students, and since 1957 helped define the University of Hartford."—Walter Harrison, President Emeritus, University of Hartford

"The extraordinary vision of the founders lives on in the work of today's faculty, staff, and students. My colleague, Demaris Hansen, has done a remarkable job of capturing Hartt's rich and colorful history."—Larry Alan Smith, Dean, The Hartt School

9780819579522 : one-hundred-years-of-hartt-hansen
December 8, 2019
$25.00 USD

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