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January 4, 2020
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On tourne!

French Language and Culture through Film

On tourne! is a one-semester, advanced French textbook (5th/6th semester of instruction) designed to be used as a stand-alone text for a course on French and francophone films or for a French conversation course. This textbook could also be used as a supplementary text in an advanced conversation course, a composition course, or a contemporary culture course. On tourne! guides students to analyze and discuss 13 films from France and the francophone world. Each chapter focuses on a single film and includes pre-viewing activities, vocabulary, information on the cultural and linguistic nuances of the film, and post-viewing activities and discussion points. Moreover, each chapter contains a review of an essential grammatical structure as well as idiomatic expressions used in the film to highlight their pragmatic function. The films included explore a wide array of themes, ranging from family, food, and fashion to politics, religion, and racial/ethnic identities.

About the Authors

Véronique Anover is a professor of French and Spanish at California State University San Marcos. She is the coauthor of, among other books, A vous!, a first-year French program.

Rémi Fournier Lanzoni
is an associate professor of romance languages at Wake Forest University. He is the author of several books on French and Italian cinema.


"On tourne! allows for a rich exploration of French language, culture, and society through the lens of contemporary film. The manual's plethora of variegated and thought-provoking activities stimulate critical thinking while facilitating work with vocabulary and grammar, in-class discussion, written expression, and cultural analysis and comparisons." — Heidi L. Holst-Knudsen, senior lecturer in French, Columbia University

"A well-conceived and meticulously designed survey of contemporary French cinema and culture,... [On tourne!] provides a communicative application of grammar and language functions." — Jessica L. Sturm, associate professor of French and applied linguistics, Purdue University

"On tourne!... is sure to provoke thoughtful discussion in class by allowing learners to consider the experiences of fictional characters from all angles, and it scaffolds this discussion with careful vocabulary and grammar support." — Theresa A. Antes, associate professor of French and linguistics, University of Florida

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