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October 14, 2008
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On Higher Education

Selected Writings, 1956–2006

Widely acknowledged as one of the great sociologists of higher education, Burton R. Clark has made substantial contributions to virtually every area in the field, thereby defining its study for generations. This collection of essays makes available a lifetime of research, scholarship, and insight from a giant in higher education and reveals how his perspectives, concepts, and research methods evolved over half a century. The result is a compelling look at the career of one of the world’s leaders in higher education research.

The volume presents Clark's early research studies underpinning his theories of the "cooling-out" function and organizational saga. It includes his landmark 1973 essay "Development of the Sociology of Higher Education" and other work that reflects his line of inquiry into the American national system. Essays also follow Clark’s shift from organizational studies of American higher education to international comparative analysis of national systems of higher education. These selections reflect the interdisciplinary approach characterizing subsequent work. The book concludes with his most recent research on the important question of how modern universities evolve by developing the infrastructure and tools to bring about meaningful change.

At once a monumental achievement and testament to an extraordinary career, On Higher Education is an invaluable resource for students, scholars, and practitioners of higher education.

About the Author

Burton R. Clark is professor emeritus of higher education at the University of California, Los Angeles. He is the author, coauthor, editor, or coeditor of numerous books and journal articles, including Sustaining Change in Universities: Continuities in Case Studies and Concepts, Creating Entrepreneurial Universities: Organizational Pathways of Transformation, and Places of Inquiry: Research and Advanced Education in Modern Universities.


"The collection is simply astonishing and thrilling... To have this large selection of essays in one place is a gift to those of us working in the field... The collection will soon be referred to as 'classic.'"

- Sheldon Rothblatt, University of California, Berkeley


"It provides a solid foundation in higher education both here in the United States and internationally. The breadth and depth of the essays are highly compelling, and in fact, this book could easily be used in a course on institutional governance, organizational change, or higher education in general... Clark's essays, hard work, and intellectual curiosity [are] a lesson for all of us."

- Marybeth Gasman - Journal of College Student Development

"The perfect read for those interested in higher education, and especially for those interested in the evolution of the field."

- John Aubrey Douglass - Contemporary Sociology

"Clark provides not only a grounded understanding of the inner life of higher education organizations but also a grounded understanding of his personal academic journey and of the 'absorbing errand' that has comprised his highly successful and distinguished professional career."

- Caroline Sotello Viernes Turner - Review of Higher Education
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