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April 10, 2018
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Olympic National Park, fourth edition

A Natural History

Renowned for its old-growth rain forest, wilderness coast, and glaciated peaks, Olympic National Park is a living laboratory for ecological renewal, especially as the historic Elwha River basin regenerates in the wake of dam removal. In this classic guide to the park, Tim McNulty invites us into the natural and human history of these nearly million acres, from remote headwaters to roadside waterfalls, from shipwreck sites to Native American historical settlements and contemporary resource stewardship, along the way detailing the park's unique plant and animal life. McNulty reminds us that though "the mountains and rivers remain 'timeless,' our understanding of the lifeforms that inhabit them—and the effects our actions have on their future—is an ongoing, ever deepening story."

Color photographs
Practical advice on how to make the most of your visit
Handy flora and fauna species checklists
Inspiring descriptions of endangered species recovery
Detailed look at Elwha River restoration after dam removal

About the Author

Tim McNulty is a poet and nature writer living in the foothills of the Olympic Mountains.


"Olympic National Park is a magical place—and this is its book."—Seattle City Living

"Tim McNulty goes through Olympic National Park one ecosystem at a time, traveling from the mountains to the forests and on to the coast before turning his attention to the impact humans have had on the park's landscape. There's also a quick help section that tells you where to go to see wildflowers, old-growth forests, and wildlife. Too, he tosses in species checklists to help you keep track of what you've seen."—Kurt Repanshek, National Parks Traveler

"A must-have for serious peninsula explorers."—Port Townsend Leader

"McNulty's natural talents as a poet and essayist are put to good use in this all-in-one source. This book, ambitious in both scope and detail, remains the definitive book on the topic . . . ideal for travelers to the park itself as well as for students of history, lovers of nature."—HistoryLink

"One of the best ways to learn about Olympic National Park is to read Tim McNulty's natural history guide. He creates a portrait of the park from coast to rain forest and snow-covered peaks in his usual graceful style, weaving stories of science and history and nature."—Everett Herald

"Pick any page . . . and start reading. Instead of stuffy prose and highly technical terms, you'll find a warm, conversational tone. [This] book packs an encyclopedic range of information about Olympic National Park's natural history."—Sequim Gazette

"It's no wonder this book has been so popular: McNulty is an excellent essayist and his subject is endlessly fascinating."—Washington Park Arboretum Bulletin


"Any good guidebook should be accurate and reliable, and this one certainly is all that. But a big difference with Tim McNulty's Olympic National Park is that you will actually read it for pleasure and joy as well as consulting it for information. Both a superb naturalist and a highly respected poet, he brings to this magical landscape a voice and personal knowledge to match its mountains and its forests, glaciers and wildflowers, nudibranchs and otters. With this classic, newly revised, McNulty finds himself among a rarified pantheon of Olympics writers: Murray Morgan, Ruth Kirk, Bruce Brown, and very few others. This one too shall last."—Robert Michael Pyle, author of Wintergreen, The Thunder Tree, and Through a Green Lens

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Paperback / softback
352 Pages
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