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Finding Place in Alaska

Edited by Julie Decker
Alaska is part of an international circumpolar North, which makes the United States an Arctic nation. Alaska is a place of Indigenous ingenuity and adaptation, a place where environmental extremes challenge the ways of living. In its more recent history, Alaska has been a place of resources and influx—a land known best for what it provides. This frontier persona, with its sourdoughs and prospectors, has not been easily shed, but Alaska today is pivotal because it represents America's North and a complex and changing Arctic.

North: Finding Place in Alaska explores the state's various facets through exhibitions and artifacts at the Anchorage Museum and the words of a diverse selection of writers, curators, historians, anthropologists, and artists. From romantic landscapes by Rockwell Kent and Thomas Hill, to the art and spirituality of Alaska's Native peoples represented by a bentwood feast dish and a uniquely carved hook for catching halibut, this collection examines connections throughout the circumpolar North. No longer as remote as once thought, Alaska serves as a narrative for our future.

About the Author

Julie Decker is director of the Anchorage Museum. The other contributors to the volume are Kirsten J. Anderson, Alan Boraas, Michael Brubaker, David Holthouse, Priscilla Naunġaġiaq Hensley Holthouse (Iñupiaq), Nadia Jackinsky-Sethi (Alutiiq), Mara Kimmel, Aaron Leggett, John Pearce, Sandra Talbot, and Walter Van Horn.


"This captivating book dispels the stereotypes of America's only Arctic state by ruminating on the real Alaska: its extreme immensity, reverence for the land, the creativity it inspires. And you'll be stunned by some of the most gorgeous and intriguing images of the North ever assembled."—David Ramseur, author of Melting the Ice Curtain: The Extraordinary Story of Citizen Diplomacy on the Russia-Alaska Frontier

"North's astute tracking of the variegated pressures and contexts behind changing Alaskan senses of place make it essential reading for those who would apprehend the contemporary North."—Jeremy Pataky, author of Overwinter

9780295741840 : north-decker
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