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November 2, 2006
54 color illus.
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Norman Lundin

Selections from Three Decades of Drawing and Painting

At first glance, a casual observer might assume that Norman Lundin's recent paintings are about things. That would be a mistake. Instead, silence and space form a void that is shaped and manipulated by the things that displace it and defined by the light and atmosphere captured in its gravitational field. This void is the true subject of Lundin's paintings.

Lundin's fascination with still life, landscape, and compositional integrity reaches its peak in a series of paintings depicting objects arranged along a shelf, in front of mullioned windows that allow glimpses of a landscape beyond. This volume includes an interview with the artist and illustrates works ranging from 1973 to 2006.
Francine Seders Gallery

9780295986784 : norman-lundin-guenther-brody
Paperback / softback
$24.95 USD

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