December 5, 2019
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Ng'ambo Atlas


Ng'ambo is the lesser known "other side" of Zanzibar Town. During the British Protectorate the area was designated as the Native Quarters; today it is set to become the new city center of Zanzibar's capital. Local and international perceptions of the cultural and historical importance of Ng'ambo have for a long time remained overshadowed by the social and cultural divisions created during colonial times. One thing is certain: despite its limited international fame and lack of recognition of its importance, Ng'ambo has played and continues to play a vital role in shaping the urban environment of Zanzibar Town. This atlas presents over hundred years of Ng'ambo's history and urban development through maps, plans, surveys and images, and provides insights into its present-day cultural landscape.

About the Authors

Architect and journalist Berend van der Lans is co-founder of the ArchiAfrika foundation, whose goal is to put African architecture and urbanism on the world map, and co-founder of African Architecture Matters.
LM Publishers

9789460225178 : ngambo-atlas-van-der-lans-perzyna
192 Pages
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