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May 21, 2009
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New Research on Laos

In recent years, research on Laos has made great strides in several fields of human and social sciences. This collected volume with articles by Lao and Western scholars (sixteen written in English, eleven in French) reveals an expanded vision of Laos—a vision no longer confined by strict geographical, political, or cultural borders, but resituated within the overarching movement of regional history.

The book is divided into three major sections—the Making of History, Heritage Issues, and Social Dynamics—that provide readers with both a broad brushstroke of history and the micro-kinetics of modernday life in Lao PDR. The book contains numerous illustrations of archaeological excavation sites, documentary photos, architectural plans, and dozens of maps that together with the text bring to light new perspectives, problematics, and questions in the field of Lao studies.
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9782855396545 : new-research-on-laos-goudineau-lorrillard
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