July 30, 2003
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New Jewish Identities

A unique collection of essays that deal with the intriguing and complex problems connected to the question of Jewish identity in the contemporary world. Based on a conference held in Budapest, Hungary in July 2001, it analyzes and compares how Jews conceive of their Jewishness. Do they see it in mostly religious, cultural or ethnic terms? What are the policy implications of these views and how have they been evolving? What do they portend for the future of world Jewry?

The authors present new data from west European and post-Communist countries (Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Ukraine) and re-interpret data from other European countries as well as from Israel and the United States, making this a truly comprehensive, comparative and contemporary work.

About the Authors

Barry A. Kosmin is Executive Director, Institute for Jewish Policy Research, London. András Kovács is Professor at the Nationalism Studies Department and Academic Director of Jewish Studies at the Central European University.


"The topic "identity" in particular "Jewish identity" is very much discussed nowadays and this volume makes a genuine contribution to the discussion. I read through the articles in a couple of days with unflagging interest."—Péter Kenéz
Central European University Press

9789639241626 : new-jewish-identities-gitelman-kosmin-kovacs
388 Pages
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