January 10, 2019
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Nationalism and the Economy

Explorations into a Neglected Relationship

This book is the first attempt to bridge the current divide between studies addressing "economic nationalism" as a deliberate ideology and movement of economic 'nation-building', and the literature concerned with more diffuse expressions of economic "nationness"—from national economic symbols and memories, to the "banal" world of product communication. The editors seeks to highlight the importance of economic issues for the study of nations and nationalism, and its findings point to the need to give economic phenomena a more prominent place in the field of nationalism studies. The authors of the essays come from disciplines as diverse as economic and cultural history, political science, business studies, as well as sociology and anthropology. Their chapters address the nationalism-economy nexus in a variety of realms, including trade, foreign investment, and national control over resources, as well as consumption, migration, and welfare state policies. Some of the case studies have a historical focus on nation-building in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, while others are concerned with contemporary developments. Several contributions provide in-depth analyses of single cases while others employ a comparative method. The geographical focus of the contributions vary widely, although, on balance, the majority of our authors deal with European countries.

About the Authors

Stefan Berger is professor of social history at Ruhr University Bochum and the director of the Institute for Social Movements, RUB. Thomas Fetzer is Associate Professor at the Department of International Relations, Central European University, Budapest.


"Stefan Berger and Thomas Fetzer have assembled a team of a dozen authors to tackle the question, through a mixture of literature reviews and case studies. They rightly argue that nationalism scholars tend to focus on state power and cultural representation at the expense of economics, while economists in turn largely overlook the question of nationalism. One of the central arguments in the book is that economic nationalism should be understood as a broader phenomenon than mere protectionism—the creation of tariff and other barriers to deter foreign trade and investment."—Peter Rutland, H-Net Reviews in the Humanities & Social Sciences

9789633861981 : nationalism-and-the-economy-berger-fetzer
324 Pages
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