March 10, 2018
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Nationalism and Terror

Ante Pavelić and Ustashe Terrorism from Fascism to the Cold War

This book covers the full story of the Ustasha, a fascist movement in Croatia, from its historic roots up to its downfall. The two authors sought answers to questions that touch the heart of the issue: In what international context did Ustasha terrorism grow and develop? How could the movement settle to power and exterminate hundreds of thousands of innocents? Who was its leader, Ante Pavelić? A shrewd politician, able to exploit for his independent project Mussolini's imperial ambitions, Hitler's panGerman aims, the antiBolshevism of the Holy See and of the Western bloc? Or was he, consciously or not, a pawn in other hands, a puppet on a board where Croatia was only one box among many others? And after the collapse, how could several of the most prominent Ustasha leaders evade capture by the victorious Tito's army? The book is successful in contextualizing the appearance of the Ustasha movement not only in the circumstances of the interwar Kingdom of Yugoslavia but into the wider context of the emergence of fascism as a quintessential European movement.

9789633862063 : nationalism-and-terror-adriano-cingolani
474 Pages
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