June 1, 2001
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June 1, 2001
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Nationalism and Beyond

Introducing Moral Debate about Values

A very readable introduction to the concepts and principles shaping the philosophical debate around nationalism. The book provides portraits of two kinds of nationalists: the tougher type, more common in everyday life, and the ultra-moderate "liberal nationalist" encountered in academia. The author introduces a debate with a "thoughtful nationalist," one who defends the view that states should be organized around national culture and that individuals have basic obligations to their nation. The author attempts to answer his opponent's standard arguments and presents a fully documented critique of his views.

A passion born from Miscevic's encounter with nationalism in the former Yugoslavia glows from every line of the argument. Questions raised and discussed include: Why is radicalism typical of nationalism? How successful is the nation-state? Does nationalism support liberal-democratic values? Is membership in a nation necessary for human fulfillment and for understanding values? Why might nationalism be immoral?

The book is unique not only because it explains a contemporary moral debate, in terms clear to the non-philosopher reader, but also because it has been written from the perspective of Central and Eastern Europe based on the author's personal experience.

About the Author

Nenad Miščević is Director of the Doctoral Support Program in Nationalism Studies at the Central European University, is a member of the Steering Committee of the European Society for Analytic Philosophy, of which he was president until 1999. He has lectured as invited professor at various universities including CREA in Paris, the Institute for International Studies in Geneva, the Institute of Federalism in Fribourg, as well as at the universities of Memphis, Graz (Austria) and Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic).


"...a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the moral debate on nationalism... the book contains a wealth of witty examples and analogies, a reflection of the author's philosophical background, which turns the process of reading into an enjoyable experience. Overall, Nationalism and Beyond is a refreshing contribution to a field dominated by pro-nationalist analyses and an important intervention in the subject. In a world of nations and nationalisms, Miscevic does not hesitate to take the bull by the horns and this in itself is a major accomplishment."—Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism

"On the rather dusty shelf of studies on nationalism, Miscevic's book undoubtedly stands out. It is an audacious, entertaining and at times rather brilliant critique of nationalism as a political programme."—INCORE (Ethnic Conflict Research Digest)


"There is nothing quite like this book in the contemporary literature. It fills a salient vacuum and would make a fine contribution to a number of debates."—Philip Pettit

"The book offers high-level philosophical analysis of a topical issue, that of nationalism. The author takes a partisan, cosmopolitan position towards his subject. His main aim is to show that cultural isolationism, hostility towards the neighbors etcare logical consequences of nationalism."-—János Kis
Central European University Press

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