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December 2, 2022
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National Literature in Multinational States

Edited by Albert Braz and Paul Morris
If literature has often informed the creation of a national imaginary—a sense of common history and destiny—it has also complicated, even challenged, the unifying vision assumed in the formation of a national literature and sense of nation. National Literature in Multinational States questions the persistent association of literature and nation-states, contrasting this with the reality of multinational and ethnocultural diversity. The contributors to this collection interrogate concepts and manifestations of nationalism in the context of literary production while evaluating the place of national literatures in multinational states at a time when social unity and political agreement have never been more elusive. The volume strives for synoptic analysis via the complementary, multifaceted treatment of literary creation in several geo-cultural contexts: Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, India, and Nigeria.Contributors: Sabujkoli Bandopadhyay, Albert Braz, Matthew Cormier, Doris Hambuch, Clara A.B. Joseph, Paul D. Morris, Asma Sayed, Matthew Tétreault, Uchechukwu Peter Umezurike, Jerry White

About the Authors

Albert Braz is Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature and English at the University of Alberta. Paul D. Morris is Professor of English at the Université de Saint-Boniface.


"The contributors to National Literature in Multinational States discuss the multiplicity and even incoherence of the idea of the nation, which presumes that the audience, the language, the territory, and the state all coincide exactly. But all states are perforce multilingual, multiethnic, and, yes, multinational. So what does this mean for the idea of a national literature?" Neil ten Kortenaar, English and Comparative Literature, University of Toronto"National Literature in Multinational States tackles the compelling yet problematic, persistent yet elusive, theoretical and practical connections between nation-states and national literatures. It offers a timely and ambitious exploration of literary diversity in multinational contexts." Andrea Cabajsky, Comparative Literature and English, Université de Moncton

9781772126075 : national-literature-in-multinational-states-braz-morris
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