January 1, 2000
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National Cultures at Grass-root Level

The major dilemma this volume addresses is the function of national identity in a modern society, for despite the trend towards globalization, the world continues to be riddled with national conflict.
Kłoskowska begins by looking at the controversy between two competing concepts of the origin of the nation – political and ethnic. She examines the central issues of the argument, and in particular, the characteristics and effects of ethnic differences on personal identity and the appropriation of national culture. Her theories are based upon autobiographies by individuals belonging to various national minorities in Poland and other areas where ethnic borders are blurred. The group studied included mostly young intellectuals: Ukrainians, Belarussians and Silesian-Germans. She examines the national attitudes of the various countries the ethnic minorities have been forced to live with. In her conclusion, Kłoskowska takes the view that national cultures are either 'open' or 'closed' and stresses the importance of participating in more than one cultural medium.
National Cultures at the Grass-Root Level is rich in information on contemporary theories of the nation, on its origin, character and future, and offers a deep insight into the complex and often ambiguous reality of national attitudes.

About the Author

Antonina Kłoskowska is Head of the Research Unit of Culture and Politics of the Polish Academy of Sciences
University of Washington Continuing Education

9789639116832 : national-cultures-at-grass-root-level-k-oskowska
480 Pages
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