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Life in the Balkan Powder Keg, 1880-1956

The life story of a Serbian woman over a period of more than 70 years, preserved in memoirs, letters and mostly diaries, recounts the triumphs and tragedies of a life that takes place against the backdrop of extraordinary turbulence in the Balkans. It covers more than half a century, five wars (including the two world wars), and four ideologies.

This is a time of excitement in Serbia as its leaders carve an independent state out of the Ottoman Empire and attempt to modernize a largely rural and "backward" corner of Europe. A time of opportunity for many who join in the effort to build the infrastructure of a modern economy, as well as the growing number of middle class families who send their children, in rare cases even girls, to the emerging system of state schools. Above all, a time of war, as the expanding Serbian state comes into conflict with its neighbors and, ultimately, the Great Powers of Europe.

Accompanied by an introductory study, Natalija's diary provides a rich background to understanding the on-going conflict in the Balkans today.

About the Authors

Natalija Matić-Zrnić (Teacher). Born October 27, 1880 in Arandjelovac to father Nikola Joksimović-Marković and mother Mileva Protić. Married May 18, 1903 in Arandjelovac to Jovan Zrnić (Engineer). Married a second time February 2, 1920 in Vranje to George Matić. Died June 13, 1956 in Belgrade, where she was also buried.

Jill Irvine is President's Associates Presidential Professor of International and Area Studies at the University of Oklahoma. She is founding director of the Center for Social Justice, served as Director of Community Engagement and Vice Provost for Faculty in the Office of the Sr. Vice President and Provost and currently holds the position of Interim Senior Vice President and Provost.

Carol S. Lilly received her Ph.D. in History from Yale University in 1990.She has been teaching at the University of Nebraska Kearney since 1992 in the fields of Russian, Soviet and East European History.

Central European University Press

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