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April 9, 2021
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Mysteries of the Lord's Prayer

Wisdom from the Early Church

The Lord's Prayer contains mysteries generally overlooked by most Christians. For the Fathers of the Church, such mysteries or "difficulties"—many of which continue to puzzle modern scholars—marked divinely inspired points for prayer and reflection. Saints Cyprian of Carthage, Augustine of Hippo, Peter Chrysologus, Maximus the Confessor and others grappled with the hidden meanings behind these questions and the fruits of their efforts can inspire contemporary readers.

In this volume John Gavin, SJ explores eight mysteries of the Lord's prayer in light of the early Church's wisdom: How can human beings call God "Father"? Where is God the Father? How can God grow in holiness? Was there ever a time when God did not rule? Are there limitations to God's will? Why should we seek bread? Can we make a deal with God? Does God tempt us? Without ignoring the insights of contemporary exegesis, this volume demonstrates that the responses of the Fathers to these questions have continuing relevance. Not only did they understand the issues surrounding linguistic, textual, and theological difficulties, but they also grasped the nuances of Christ's words as illuminated by the scriptures as a whole. They provide an interpretation that challenges the mind and transforms the heart.

Mysteries of the Lord's Prayer offers the general reader, as well as scholars, a chance to rediscover a prayer that unites Christians throughout the world. It also includes appendices to aid those who wish to explore the Fathers' writings on their own for a deeper encounter with the wisdom of the early Church.

About the Author

Rev. John Gavin, SJ is associate professor of religious studies, College of Holy Cross (Mass.). George Weigel is Distinguished Senior Fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center, Washington, DC.


"A marvelous book. Learned, accessible, faithful, helpful, delightful. Will be very helpful for Christians who take prayer seriously."—Andrew Hofer, OP , Dominican House of Studies, Washington, DC

9780813233826 : mysteries-of-the-lords-prayer-gavin
Paperback / softback
April 9, 2021
$24.95 USD

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