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October 27, 2011
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My Work Among the Faithful

The poems in this first collection by Lisa Beskin explore the elastic, chancy nature of the self, the whims and slippages of narrative, and the mysteries of language - flawed, glorious, limited, illimitable. With great wit, humor, and naked grace, the poems compile a fresh lexicon of human emotion and appetite.

About the Author

Lisa Beskin was educated at Oberlin College and at the University of Massachusetts, where she received a Master of Fine Arts degree. Her work has received numerous awards and has appeared in The Boston Review, Denver Quarterly, Field, and others. A long-time New England resident, she has taught creative writing and English at Yale, Mount Holyoke, and Amherst College. My Work Among the Faithful is her first collection of poems.


"I suppose Lisa Beskin is a sort of present—day American Gothic skeptic, more than distantly related to Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne. Her wit is bright and dark. The people in her poems may suffer, but an unseen force is protecting them; just when the poems turn mordant, something inexplicably humane and tender appears. There is odd comfort in these poems, odd beauty."—Gillian Conoley

"Lisa Beskin possesses the courage of distinctions, e.g. the fineness of the air from the shimmer of God's robe. De Sade, Dr. Caligari, Lazarus's sister, and Rod Serling—-all these, and more, are met here. If the devil is in the details, then these poems are rich in wondrous deviltry."—Nance Van Winckel

"One's thresholds can be surprising subjects in and of themselves. Can I take this almost arch, almost otherworldly wit and its attendant acumen—-well, yes, on account of that there's sprit and heart almost naked inside them. Is this poetry acatalectic and heartbreakingly beautiful, a metaphorical resolution? I think so. The poems in this book have caused me to write these sentences. And better than that, I love these poems for their adventurous, elegant dedication to poetry's insistences."—Dara Wier

Lynx House Press

9780899241173 : my-work-among-the-faithful-beskin
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