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January 27, 2011
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Mrs. Hill's Southern Practical Cookery and Receipt Book

A Facsimile of Mrs. Hill's New Cook Book, 1872 Edition

Introduction by Damon L. Fowler
Originally published in 1867 as Mrs. Hill's New Cook Book this encyclopedic treasury of recipes, cooking advice, and household hints brims with insight into the culinary heritage of the South in general and Georgia in particular. With its return to print, the charming volume revises popular legends about the food ways of the Old South, revealing both the bounty of the Southern table and the expertise of the Southern cook.Annabella P. Hill (1810-1878), a socially prominent woman whose rural Georgia kitchen centered on an open fireplace, records the end of an age in American culinary history and adroitly chronicles the cookery of the South. She proves that nineteenth-century Southerners ate a veritable smorgasbord and that rural Southern cooks were more cosmopolitan in their culinary knowledge than has been previously thought. Many of the instructions here—including those for blending and roasting coffee beans—remain pertinent for the contemporary gourmand. To this portrait of Southern gastronomy, Damon L. Fowler adds a biographical sketch of Hill, an explanation of the customs that shaped her writings, and a glossary to assist in translating these time-honored recipes to the modern kitchen.


"One of the best of the recent spate of historical cookbook reprints. A lengthy introduction by Damon L. Fowler displays impressive research, not only on the book and its author, but on cookbooks of that era."—Register of the Kentucky Historical Society

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Paperback / softback
$24.99 USD

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