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December 6, 2022
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Moving Between Worlds

A Guide to Embodied Living and Communicating

Daily explorations to enhance embodied communication

Communication is a fundamental human activity, and as much as 90% of all communication is non-verbal. Yet awareness of embodied intelligence in communication is rare. This book is the fourth in a series by interdisciplinary educator Andrea Olsen focused on embodiment. Through the exercises and readings in this book, we can deepen our relationship to ourselves and others and improve our communication skills, moving between worlds: inner and outer; self and other; self and Earth. Each of the thirty-one chapters combines factual information, personal anecdotes, and somatic excursions, inviting the reader to explore multiple learning styles and lenses for finding balance in a more-than-human world. This guidebook is a valuable resource for anyone seeking practical tools for living and communicating with more ease and clarity.

About the Author

ANDREA OLSEN (Middlebury, VT), writer, performer, and interdisciplinary educator, is the author of three previous books on the body: BodyStories, Body and Earth, and The Place of Dance. She is a professor emerita of dance at Middlebury College in Vermont and was visiting faculty at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, California. She performs and teaches internationally and is a certified teacher of qigong. CHRIS AIKEN is a dance artist and associate professor of dance at Smith College.


"Andrea Olsen's writing calls us toward a critical quiet, an urgently quiet practice. Her guidance gives us the framework we need to regard our place: our bodies, our spirit, in this world. She has shaped a month of days to practice, remember, and remind us of what is within reach."—Bebe Miller, professor of dance emerita, Ohio State University

"This is the book we have been waiting for. Andrea has captured this moment in history when we can truly co-create a kinder world society through personal embodiment of Self. She guides us in a deep practice of awakening the wisdom of our moving body supported by breath, cellular vitality, and scientific inquiry. Read this book. It can transform not only your life, but together, our collective well-being."—Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, developer of the Body-Mind Centering® Approach

"In our cautious, distanced modern milieu, we too easily forsake the body. Here Andrea Olsen reminds us that the body, our bodies, are the center of any engagement, interaction, or offering we will ever have. She brings multiple lenses to a 'scholarship of the body,' of lived experience, applying her findings to our needs for communicating across divides. This book is like no other, stretching between dance and dialogue."—Laura Sewall, author of Sight and Sensibility, The Ecopsychology of Perception

"What does the body have to do with communication?' one of Andrea's students asks impatiently. This book is her response, and it is a gift to us all. This fascinating, compelling collage of elements gradually reveals what makes the body so profoundly communicative, within oneself, with others and with the world. The body's complexity is reflected in the extraordinary richness of her means, encompassing science, stories, art, images, memories, philosophy, spirituality, and, above all, exercises that ground readers in their own felt experience. Andrea writes not just about the body but from the body. Moving Between Worlds is her body communicating with our bodies."—Rosalyn Driscoll, author of The Sensing Body in the Visual Arts: Making and Experiencing Sculpture

"Embodiment—consciously inhabiting the lived body—is a theme of our time. In this book, Olsen addresses intersectionality—simultaneously perceiving ourselves and our world. Each page captures my attention, offering a theme I want to return to involving both verbal and nonverbal messaging within the context of environmental challenges and global communication. The material is applicable in many contexts—cross-cultural, professional, patient-doctor, familial, and crisis-settings—supporting our authenticity in navigating the space between."—Shruthi Mahalingaiah, MD MS, assistant professor of environmental reproductive and women's health, Harvard Chan School of Public Health

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