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July 7, 2014
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Moral and Spiritual Values in Education

A Challenge to Every American

This book deals with the multiple problem of education in the public schools as it relates to moral and spiritual values. The author cuts a wide swath through the tangled underbrush of church and state, religion and education, sacred and secular, spiritual and materialistic, "body and soul," and lets in a lot of light. To these problems the author brings a lifetime of courageous reflection and experience. To them he also brings, as case studies, the actual experiences of actual children and teachers in actual classrooms in Kentucky, where an experimental program of education in moral and spiritual values has been in process for the past several years.

About the Author

William Clayton Bower is professor emeritus of The University of Chicago. An ordained minister of the Disciples of Christ Church, he held pastorates in Indiana, New York, and California until 1912, when he joined the faculty of Transylvania College, Lexington. In 1925, after he had become dean both of Transylvania College and College of the Bible, he went to The University of Chicago as professor of religious education.

9780813151373 : moral-and-spiritual-values-in-education-bower
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