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June 15, 2017
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Moral Action

A Phenomenological Study

"In this carefully written study of the constituents of human decision making, Robert Sokolowski lays an elaborate groundwork to develop the importance of the distinction between choice and the voluntary in moral discourseoffers a new way of looking at moral actions which will have a profound effect in academia and pastoral practice." – The Thomist

"Fits nicely into Sokolowksi's ongoing project of extending the insights of Husserl's notion of intentionality to new areas." – International Philosophical Quarterly

"Consists of a single, tightly developed argument which displays the identities and differences and the presences and absences which constitute moral actionMakes an important contribution to action theorydeserves serious and thorough reading." – Husserl Studies

"A brilliant application of phenomenological concepts to moral experience." – Philosophy in Review

"The language he employs is almost wholly accessible to thinkers of the most disparate disciplines, and when technical terms are introduced, they are coupled with intelligible definitions. Indeed, it is precisely because of these two facets of his work that Sokolowski's insightful descriptions and subsequent analyses can be the subject of debate and a foundation for future investigations into moral philosophy." – The Journal of the British Society of Phenomenology

"Although Moral Action is a short book, it is difficult to summarize – especially the first six chapters, the beauty of which lies in the subtlety and detail of the author's discriminations rather than in a single thesis that the writer of a short review can seize upon." – The Review of Metaphysics

About the Author

Robert Sokolowski is the author of many books including The God of Faith and Reason (CUA Press) and Phenomenology of the Human Person (Cambridge University Press)

9780813230078 : moral-action-sokolowski
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