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May 1, 2019
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MLA Guide to Undergraduate Research in Literature

What makes a good research topic in a literature class? What does your professor mean by "peer-reviewed" sources? What should you do if you can't find enough material? This approachable guide walks students through the process of research in literary studies, providing them with tools for responding successfully to course assignments.

Written by two experienced librarians, the guide introduces the resources available through college and university libraries and explains how to access the ones a student needs. It focuses on research in literature, identifying relevant databases and research guides and explaining different types of sources and the role each plays in researching and writing about a literary text. But it contains helpful information for any student researcher, describing strategies for searching the Web to find the most useful material and offering guidance on organizing research and documenting sources with MLA style.


"This book's strength is its grounding in students' real experiences, questions, and assignments. . . . The authors' willingness to engage with complex processes like evaluation and topic selection is welcome." —Anne-Marie Deitering, Oregon State University

Overall . . . an excellent tool to support [the reader's] learning and the development of a personal research style.College and Research Libraries

9781603294362 : mla-guide-to-undergraduate-research-in-literature-brookbank-christenberry
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