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March 12, 2010
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Militarism and Israeli Society

Challenging the established view that the civilian sector in Israel has been predominant over its security sector since the state's independence in 1948, this volume critically and systematically reexamines the relationship between these sectors and provides a deeper, more nuanced view of their interactions. Individual chapters cast light on the formal and informal arrangements, connections, and dynamic relations that closely tie Israel's security sector to the country's culture, civil society, political system, economy, educational system, gender relations, and the media. Among the issues and events discussed are Israel's separation barrier, the impact of Israel's military confrontations with the Palestinians and other Middle Eastern states—especially Lebanon—and the impact of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Israeli case offers insights about the role of the military and security in democratic nations in contemporary times.

About the Authors

Gabriel Sheffer is a professor of political science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies, Tel Aviv University. He is author of Moshe Sharett: Biography of a Political Moderate and Diaspora Politics: At Home Abroad.

Oren Barak is a senior lecturer in political science and international relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is author of The Lebanese Army: A National Institution in a Divided Society.


"On the whole, this book provides a comprehensive and fresh assessment of critical perspectives of the militaristic culture present in Israel that is appropriate for the student and informed scholar alike."—British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies

"Militarism and Israeli Society makes a convincing case about the security network and the power it exercises in and on Israeli society."—Journal of Palestine Studies

"An excellent compendium of the best authors writing on the military, as well as a broad range of civil-military issues. . . . A useful and timely book, especially for specialists on military issues."—Joel Migdal, University of Washington

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