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October 21, 2026
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MCAT Preparation Guide

Competition for admission to American medical schools has always been intense. Now, with more than 40,000 pre-med students applying for the few available slots each year, scoring well on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is more critical than ever.
The MCAT Preparation Guide offers students a systematic, sensible way to improve MCAT test scores. It recognizes their need to understand not only the subject areas covered but also the way the MCAT is structured and what test scorers look for.

Extensively field tested at the University of Chicago, Tulane University, Howard University, and the University of Kentucky, this Guide has already helped hundreds of students to boost their MCAT scores significantly. With this edition, the Guide becomes available nationwide for the first time. One excellent feature is the chapter on preparing writing samples, a section of the MCAT often omitted or slighted in other guides. Here is a step-by step process for attacking writing sample prompts to produce superior essays.

About the Authors

Miriam S. Willey and Barbara M. Jarecky are well-known specialists in teaching exam-taking and study skills to medical students and undergraduates.

9780813185064 : mcat-preparation-guide-willey-jarecky
Electronic book text
October 21, 2026
$12.95 USD