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March 19, 2015
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Masterpieces of Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde

Edited by Wonu Veys
This book attests to 175 years of collecting and exploring by the Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde / National Museum of Ethnology. Out of a collection of 240,000 objects, more than 100 masterpieces were selected following diverse criteria. Some objects were chosen because of their aesthetic qualities, others because of their age, rarity, collection history, or historical relevance.

The masterpieces reflect the collecting history of the museum, starting from 1837 up to the present day. The vignettes and contextual histories procure an insight into human behavior, the way people give sense to their lives, craftsmanship, and creativity. In so doing, you are making an inspiring journey through the whole world.
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9789460222542 : masterpieces-of-rijksmuseum-volkenkunde-veys
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