April 11, 2018
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February 11, 2019
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Making Men, Making History

Canadian Masculinities across Time and Place

What has it meant to be a man in Canada? Percy Nobbs, architect, fisherman, fencer; Andy Paull, residential school survivor and athlete; Yves Charbonneau, jazz musician and commune member; "James," black and gay in postwar Windsor. Who were these men, and how did they identify as masculine? Populated with figures both well known and unknown, Making Men, Making History reveals the dissonance between ideals of manhood and masculinity and the everyday lives of Canadian men and boys. This collection showcases some of the best new work in masculinity studies, exploring historical themes entirely in Canadian settings.

About the Authors

Peter Gossage is professor of Quebec and Canadian history at Concordia University. Robert Rutherdale is associate professor of Canadian history at Algoma University. Contributors: Annmarie Adams, Louise Bienvenue, Lara Campbell, Lisa Chilton, Allan Downey, Magda Fahrni, Eric Fillion, Christopher Greig, Christine Hudon, Patricia Jasen, Willeen Keough, Norman Knowles, Cynthia Loch-Drake, Graeme Melcher, Jane Nicholas, Julie Perrone, Carolyn Podruchny, David Theodore, and Olivier Vallerand
UBC Press

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February 11, 2019
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