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August 14, 2014
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Making Good Communities Better, revised edition

Irwin T. Sanders has translated his own experience as a social scientist into a practical, easy-to-read guide to community improvement. An impressive array of additional experts has teamed up with him to supply selected guideposts on twenty-one special problems in community organization.

This popular handbook has been called by many civic workers the most practical, down-to-earth tool they have known for community engineering. Issued in two editions with a total of seven printings, it is now republished in a convenient, paper-bound form containing the complete text of the 1953 revision.

About the Author

Irwin T. Sanders is professor of Sociology at the University of Kentucky.
University Press of Kentucky
revised edition

9780813154282 : making-good-communities-better-2nd-edition-sanders
Paperback / softback
208 Pages
$45.00 USD

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