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March 27, 2013
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Magician's Hat

Poems on the Life of David Alfaro Siqueiros

These poems engage the life of the famed Mexican muralist Jose "David" Alfaro Siqueiros, whose vision of a free, generous, and artistically liberated Mexico, completely responsive to both its people and its history, unified and informed his inner and outer worlds. It is a book about the muralist's sensibility, about the way in which his experimental art and his human concerns synthesized in his work to become his vision. Less a biography than an interpretation of one artist's sensibility in love, war, and painting, it is an interdependent sequence that argues out its dialectic in a connected and accretive way. The result is a magical and riveting work of historiography and the lyric imagination.

About the Author

Bill Tremblay is author of seven collections of poems, including Crying in the Cheap Seats, Duhamel, and Shooting Script: Door of Fire. His novel, The June Rise, was published by Utah State University Press. He was one of the founders of the MFA program at Colorado State University where he was also, for many years, the editor of the Colorado Review, and where he was recipient of the John F. Stern Distinguished Professor Award.


"What an ambitious book. It is a kind of mural . . . a great deal can happen, can sprawl across a single wall. So I guess it comes down to passion, to honoring it, to noting its dangers as well as its triumphs."—James Moore
Lynx House Press

9780899241333 : magicians-hat-tremblay
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