December 4, 2018
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Made Modern

Science and Technology in Canadian History

Science and technology have shaped not only economic empires and industrial landscapes, but also the identities, anxieties, and understandings of people living in modern times. Made Modern draws together leading scholars from a wide range of fields who write on topics ranging from exploration and infrastructure to the occult sciences and communications. The contributors use histories of science and technology to enrich our understanding of Canadian history and of Canada's place in a transnational modern world. The first major collection of its kind in thirty years, this book explores the place of science and technology in shaping Canadians' experience of themselves and their place in the modern world.

About the Authors

Edward JonesImhotep is associate professor of history at York University. Tina Adcock is assistant professor of history at Simon Fraser University.
UBC Press

9780774837231 : made-modern-jones-imhotep-adcock
368 Pages
$89.95 USD

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