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July 30, 2010
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Locating the Past / Discovering the Present

Perspectives on Religion, Culture, and Marginality

This collection examines the production and recreation of religious ideas and images in different times and locations, achieving a comparative perspective on the transmission of religious influences. The essayists look at contact and conflict between insiders and outsiders, centres and margins, Jews and Christians, Slavs and Greeks, and ancient ritual behaviours and modern television broadcasting, as part of the negotiation of new identity positions, relationships, and accommodations. The book combines the disciplines of literary studies, cultural studies, art history, religion, history, and critical theory, making it an important resource to a range of scholars as well as non-specialists.

About the Authors

David Gay is Professor in the Department of English and Film Studies and Director of the Interdisciplinary Program in Religious Studies at the University of Alberta. His teaching and research areas focus on Milton, Early Modern literature, religion and literature, and biblical literature. He lives in Edmonton. Stephen Reimer is Professor of English, Department of English and Film Studies at the University of Alberta. His teaching and research interests include Middle English language and literature, medieval mysticism, medieval romances, and the history of the English language. He lives in Edmonton.


"The book's papers focus on religious ideas, images, practices and articulations which have not been an essential part of the theological discipline and studies of religious life.. Thus, [the book] essentially problematises the centre whilst looking at the context of the margins.. The book's underlying theoretical focus is excellently laid in the introduction, which binds the different chapters together while providing a conceptual discussion of the term, marginality.. Gay and Reimer should be commended for editing a diverse and eye-opening collection, providing critical discussions and probing into connections and influences which had remained largely marginal thus far.. This book is an important intervention in many discourses as well as an original and interesting read." Dana N. Mills, Literature and Theology, [Full review at doi:10.1093/litthe/]

"Authors come at the topic of marginality from a number of directions, making use of theories from continental philosophy to historiography. There is explicitly no overarching definition or understanding of 'marginality' as such, meaning that each author grapples with the concept on his/her own terms and in light of his/her own case study. Beyond marginality, authors take up themes that range from subjectivity and agency to memory and orthodoxy. Standout pieces include David Gay's '' 'The Writing on the Wall': Rembrandt, Milton, and Menasseh ben Israel in Ken McMullen's R'' and Eva Maria Räpple's ''The Seductive Serpent.''.... This volume is a good purchase for libraries or institutions." Airen Hall, Syracuse University, The Journal of Religion and Popular Culture, Fall 2011 [doi:10.3138/jrpc.23.3.415]
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