March 15, 2019
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Living the Catholic Tradition

Philosophical and Theological Considerations

Every aspect of human life is influenced by traditions. Whether at home, at work, or at leisure, what we do and say has developed out of inherited beliefs, ideas, and practices. But how often do we stop to reflect on the importance of traditions? Understanding tradition means coming to know ourselves better, and so considering tradition from different perspectives is a worthwhile pursuit.

Traditionally, Catholic thought has relied on philosophers and theologians to reflect on, develop, and pass along what really matters to the next generation. This book brings together the work of an international team of such scholars, who gathered for a conference at the Catholic University of Notre Dame Australia (Sydney) to reflect together on the perennial significance of traditions. Living the Catholic Tradition examines, philosophically and theologically, how traditions are not a thing from the past. It engages with biblical scholarship, systematic theology, moral philosophy and theology, political philosophy, and the arts. Readers will come away from reading this book ready to continue the tradition of thinking deeply about what matters to vibrant communities of belief and practice.

About the Author

Renée Köhler-Ryan is a professor in the School of Philosophy and Theology, University of Notre Dame Australia.
Franciscan University Press

9780999513460 : living-the-catholic-tradition-kohler-ryan
296 Pages
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