March 23, 2009
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Lives of Conifers

A Comparative Account of the Coniferous Trees

Dominant throughout the temperate northern hemisphere, conifers form the backbone of boreal ecosystems. This comprehensive reference work explains the complex life cycles of these trees.

Based on more than five decades of study, Graham R. Powell provides an illustrated, guided tour of conifers from seed and reproduction to old age and death. Focusing on the most common species, Powell offers a clear picture of conifers—a type of tree that plays a vital role in various environmental systems and upon which humankind relies for its lifestyle. The engaging text is peppered throughout with interesting facts and comparative data about well- and lesser-known species.

The Lives of Conifers features hundreds of full-color illustrations and expansive morphological, anatomical, and physiological information about the evergreens. The book includes a glossary of terms and a detailed bibliography for further study.

About the Author

Graham R. Powell is a professor emeritus in the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management at the University of New Brunswick, Canada. His research on conifers has been published widely in journals, professional books, and field guides.


"Graham Powell has written an insightful and beautifully illustrated book on the lives of conifers. Everyone who works with, studies, and loves these trees will derive both knowledge and pleasure from learning about them in great detail. I have always had a special fondness for the conifers and their mystical and inspiring representatives like the massive redwoods and the bleak denizens of the boreal forests, the spruces. Powell’s book does them their well-deserved justice."

- Graeme Berlyn, Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies


"The large-format book is packed with excellent color photographs and diagrams... admirable but quite specialized."

- Choice

"This volume is a must read for anyone interested in exploring or teaching about the lives of conifers."

- James E. Eckenwalder - Quarterly Review of Biology

"Well edited, well indexed, clearly written, illustrated with 685 color images, this book is a must for anyone dealing with trees of the northeastern United States and Canada and will be a valuable supplement in forestry and botany courses."

- Lytton John Musselman - Economic Botany
Johns Hopkins University Press
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9780801892431 : lives-of-conifers-powell
288 Pages
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