October 27, 2023
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Liturgical Theology in Thomas Aquinas

Sacrifice and Salvation History

In this volume, Fr. Franck Quoëx responds to Joseph Ratzinger's call for a renewed appreciation of liturgical rite. A student of Pierre Gy, OP, he brings to this study of Aquinas's liturgical theology a rare combination of expert knowledge of liturgical sources and history and the best of modern historical-critical research guided by sound theological judgment. Fr. Quoëx frames his study with an overview of the problem of rite in modern theological-anthropological discourse, before turning to Aquinas' theory of worship in the treatise on the virtue of religion. He then explores Aquinas' doctrine on the cultic dimensions of the Eucharist and other sacraments in his sacramental theology more broadly, finishing with a close study of the mass commentary of the Tertia Pars.

Although there has been increasing attention to Thomas's treatment of religion as a virtue, none have approached him from an anthropological angle with a focus on the nature of liturgical rite, or fully exploited the perspectives of liturgical scholarship to shed light on sacramental theology. Quoëx's work, as the work of a Thomist, liturgist, and medievalist well versed in medieval liturgical development and in the genre of often-allegorical liturgical commentary, opens up this crucial but neglected facet of Aquinas' theological synthesis. Few books have been published on Aquinas's liturgical theology. Now that interest in Aquinas's virtue theory and sacramental theology is growing rapidly, Quoëx's studies are an invitation to further reflection on the topic of Aquinas's liturgical theology with its manifold ramifications for and connections with other theological topics in his Summa, including his theological anthropology, his soteriology, his treatment of the Old and New Laws, and his account of the virtue of religion in connection with the other virtues.

About the Author

Franck Quoex (1967-2007) was professor of liturgy at the International Seminary of the Fraternity of St Peter in Wigratzbad, and the Couvent St-Thomas d'Aquin of the FSVF in Chémeré-le-Roi. Dominic M. Langevin, OP, is Vice President and Dean, Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology at the Dominican House of Studies, Washington, DC. Zachary D. Thomas is a Ph.D. student at Cornell University.


"I am not aware of another work that uses this theological-anthropological lens to shed light on Thomas's treatment of the sacraments and the Mass in the Tertia Pars. Quoëx proves himself to be well-acquainted not only with the breadth of Thomas's works, but also with medieval historical sources and twentieth-century journal articles (from before the Second Vatican Council) on Thomas's sacramental and liturgical theology."—Michon M. Matthiesen, author of Sacrifice as Gift: Eucharist, Grace and Contemplative Prayer in Maurice de la Taille

"Father Quoëx's work, here translated into English, offers an extraordinarily rich treatment of St. Thomas's thinking on the virtue of religion in its anthropological, scriptural, and Christological dimensions for our worship, the sacrament of the Eucharistic sacrifice, and the rite of the Mass."—Andrew Hofer, OP, author of The Power of Patristic Preaching: The Word in Our Flesh

"Rev. Franck Quoëx was known during his lifetime as one of the most penetrating sacramental and liturgical theologians in the francophone world, and beyond. A priest-scholar deeply committed to the teaching and tradition of the Catholic Church, as well as the wisdom of St. Thomas Aquinas, his work brought clarity to some of the most vexing theological questions of the post-conciliar period. Sadly, his passing in just his fortieth year in 2007 after a brief battle with cancer abruptly ended what was maturing into a first-rate body of work. Happily, however, now with the publication of the translated volume Liturgical Theology in Thomas Aquinas: Sacrifice and Salvation History the English-speaking world will come to know his mind and be taught by his acumen. This volume introduces the tremendous gift of Rev. Quoëx's work to new audiences, and rightly honors the legacy of a theological light that was too quickly extinguished"—Roger Nutt, author of General Principles of Sacramental Theology

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304 Pages
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