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August 1, 2009
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Legacy of Empire

Treasures of the University of Alberta's Central European Library Collection

The University of Alberta Libraries houses one of the most outstanding collections of Austrian, Habsburg and Central European materials in North America. This unique strength has at its heart the acquisition of two major Austrian collections: the famous "Priesterseminar" library of the Archbishop of Salzburg, purchased in 1965, and the library of Viennese Juridisch-Politische Leseverin, purchased in 1969. The Salzburg Collection, one of the most important collections in Canada for Central European law studies, consists of the original law collection of the Seminary library of the Archbishop of Salzburg. The Priesterseminar Library has its origins in the Roman Catholic Ecumenical Council of Trent (1545-1563), at which the Catholic Church affirmed and clearly defined its dogmas in the face of the Protestant challenge. This catalogue, published to accompany a 2008 exhibit at the University of Alberta's Bruce Peel Special Collections Library, provides a glimpse into the riches of these two collections.

About the Author

Franz A.J. Szabo is Professor of History and Director of the Wirth Institute for Austrian and Central European Studies at the University of Alberta. He is the author of the award-winning Kaunitz and Enlightened Absolutism, and more recently of The Seven Years War in Europe. He was awarded the Austrian Order of Merit for the Arts and Sciences in 1999.


This brief but handsomely produced catalog, published to accompany an exhibition held at the Bruce Peel Special Collections Library of the U. of Alberta in 2008, contains descriptions of 58 books from the university's Central European Library collection. The volume, which is not indexed, was written by Franz A.J. Szabo, professor of history and the director of the Wirth Institute for Austrian and Central European Studies at the U. of Alberta. Reference and Research Book News

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