October 22, 2024
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Leading Generously

Tools for Transformation

From the author of Generous Thinking: A Radical Approach to Saving the University comes a compelling guide to the art of collaborative leadership.

In a world increasingly defined by crisis, public service institutions like colleges, universities, and nonprofit organizations require capable, dynamic, and trustworthy leadership—yet stories of leadership failures there abound. The problem, Kathleen Fitzpatrick argues in Leading Generously, is a fundamental mismatch between the communal purposes that leaders must serve and the individualistic structures under which they operate.

Transforming institutions so they can be resilient in the face of uncertain futures will require a similar transformation in leadership practices, turning hierarchies into collective and collaborative spaces designed for the common good. Doing so, however, requires a willingness to reimagine the idea of leadership itself. In this concise, approachable book, Fitzpatrick explores not just the problems with the institutional status quo but also the tools to transform it. Her wide-ranging research brings together key theories of leadership with the experiences of successful leaders whose stories demonstrate innovative possibilities for collaboration in the service of institutional transformation.

Building on her previous book Generous Thinking, this guide lays out a road map for how leaders can transform their institutions to truly align with their missions and can build more generous communities for the common good.

About the Author

Kathleen Fitzpatrick is the director of Digital Humanities and a professor of English at Michigan State University, where she also leads MESH Research, a lab focused on the future of scholarly communication. She is the author of Generous Thinking: A Radical Approach to Saving the University.


"There are plenty of reasons to despair about the state of higher education. We need to hope, and this book is hopeful. Not merely optimistic—that's a placid state that puts fingers in ears while chanting 'lalala'—but hope as an active verb that encourages us to strive for transformation. I hope this book will help."

- Barbara Fister, Project Information Literacy

"In Leading Generously, Kathleen Fitzpatrick synthesizes models and morals garnered from interviews with nineteen academic leaders into a useful and inspiring guidebook, including a "Reflection and Discussion" section at the end of each chapter to help us as we work together to change higher ed."

- Cathy N. Davidson, Graduate Center, City University of New York
Johns Hopkins University Press
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October 22, 2024
$29.95 USD

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