November 1, 1986
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Law and Trade Issues of the Japanese Economy

American and Japanese Perspectives

This volume presents the most recent studies on Japanese and American trade, antitrust, patent, and other laws and their effects on bilateral economic relations. The studies included, written by Japanese and American officials, lawyers, and economists, will be of interest to policy makers, scholars, and corporations concerned with or interested in bilateral trade, technology transfer, investment, and joint ventures. The studies also offer analyses and insights significant in examining the legal-economic issues involved in economic relations among all advanced industrial nations.

The three foci of the book are Japan's laws and their enforcement which affect the practices and behavior of individuals, firms, and the government within its domestic economy; the effects of Japanese laws and legal administrative practices on foreign access to Japanese markets; and the roles American laws play in bilateral economic relations. Each article deals with specific Japanese and American laws affecting bilateral economic relations. Together they succeed in substantively increasing our understanding of the issues involved and in identifying the changes that are called for that will reduce the bilateral economic conflicts which now mar the otherwise friendly relations between the two nations. Resolution of these bilateral legal-economic issues will be difficult to attain because they arise in part from differences in legal traditions and in the roles government plays in each economy. However, only through studies such as those offered in this volume, prepared by individuals directly involved i n enforcement of the laws discussed and by scholars specializing in the legal-economic issues affecting bilateral economic relations, can we gain knowledge and insights essential in taking the necessary steps to reduce bilateral economic conflicts.
University of Washington Press

9780295963433 : law-and-trade-issues-of-the-japanese-economy-saxonhouse
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