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January 29, 2002
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February 7, 2002
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Law and Bioethics

An Introduction

While the American legal system has played an important role in shaping the field of bioethics, Law and Bioethics is the first book on the subject designed to be accessible to readers with little or no legal background. Detailing how the legal analysis of an issue in bioethics often differs from the "ethical" analysis, the book covers such topics as abortion, surrogacy, cloning, informed consent, malpractice, refusal of care, and organ transplantation.

Structured like a legal casebook, Law and Bioethics includes the text of almost all the landmark cases that have shaped bioethics. Jerry Menikoff offers commentary on each of these cases, as well as a lucid introduction to the U.S. legal system, explaining federalism and underlying common law concepts. Students and professionals in medicine and public health, as well as specialists in bioethics, will find the book a valuable resource.

About the Author

Jerry Menikoff is an assistant professor of law, ethics, and medicine at the University of Kansas.


"A welcome addition to the world of college textbooks and a valuable resource for anyone concerned with the critical life and death issues of our day. . . . This thoughtful book encourages students and all other forunate readers to face these issues with intelligence and compassion."—Bioethics Forum

"Menikoff presents the basic law relevant to bioethics in a way that is accessible but not simplistic."—Bioethics and Law

"The overall excellence of the multitudinous questions...is a cardinal strength of the book. . . . This illuminating volume potentially inculcates many lessons of considerable scholarly value to the serious student of law and bioethics ."—JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association)


"It's all here—the most important legal cases in bioethics accompanied by lucid commentary....Menikoff has organized the materials in a manner than makes abundantly clear how the law and bioethics have developed. I cannot think of a better introduction to the topic."—Peter A. Ubel, MD, University of Michigan and Ann Arbor Veterans Affairs Medical Center

"A comprehensive and carefully structured examination of bioethics and of the law's response . . . will inspire virtually every reader to think again about the issues at stake in the contemporary bioethical debate."—Janet Dolgin, Hofstra University

"A well-written, engaging, and comprehensive casebook."—Mark Siegler, MD, Director, MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics, The University of Chicago

Georgetown University Press

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