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December 21, 2001
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Landscapes of the Sacred, expanded edition

Geography and Narrative in American Spirituality

This substantially expanded edition of Belden C. Lane's Landscapes of the Sacred includes a new introductory chapter that offers three new interpretive models for understanding American sacred space. Lane maintains his approach of interspersing shorter and more personal pieces among full-length essays that explore how Native American, early French and Spanish, Puritan New England, and Catholic Worker traditions has each expressed the connection between spirituality and place.
A new section at the end of the book includes three chapters that address methodological issues in the study of spirituality, the symbol-making process of religious experience, and the tension between place and placelessness in Christian spirituality.

About the Author

Belden C. Lane is the Hotfelder Distinguished Professor in the Humanities in the Department of Theological Studies at Saint Louis University.


"Lane's vast array of case studies and allusions in analyzed by a fertile imagination that bounces between ethnolography, iconography, phenomenology, and poetics. A joy to read, this richly footnoted study is mind-boggling in its provocative assertion of the deep mysteries of place-bound identities."

"This expanded edition of Lane's 1988 book benefits from over a decade of heightened scholarly interest in place and religion."

- Quincy D. Newell - Religious Studies Review

"Both scholar and pilgrim, Belden Lane provides us a remarkably informed, reflective, personal account of Americans' sense of sacred space."

9780801868382 : landscapes-of-the-sacred-2nd-edition-lane
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