July 6, 2021
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Killing in the Name of Healing

Confronting Medical Holocausts Past and Present

This book reveals how extensively the contemporary medical assaults on the unwanted unborn and vulnerable born bear a striking resemblance to the participation of health professionals in expediting the Nazi war against Jews, Gypsies, and others deemed superfluous. It provides indispensable contemporary and historical perspectives for challenging the deceptive justifications facilitating the draconian biomedical practices directed against today's least visible and most vulnerable victims. The book thus contributes a compelling antidote to the corruption of technology, ideology, and terminology with an urgent call for mounting a full-scale physician's crusade against the destruction of human lives before and after birth based upon the "do no harm" and healing imperatives embodied in the Hippocratic Oath's sanctity of life moral core.

Dr. Brennan is an emeritus professor at Saint Louis University. He is a prolific author of articles and books on human life issues, and he has addressed these findings at major conferences and on university campuses.


"Killing in the Name of Healing is an absolute must-read for every physician, resident, and medical student. In this superbly researched and documented work, William Brennan unmasks the darker side of medicine both past and present. He shines the light of truth on the many lethal operations that are now being decptively defined as valid forms of medical practice. Deadly verbal engineering has allowed physicians to retain their image as healers while participating in the destruction of vulnerable human lives. This book is a rallying cry for physicians to reclaim the sanctity of life ethic fundamental to the original Hippocratic Oath, a document marking a complete separation between curing and killing. We, as medical professionals, must expose and condemn what is currently taking place in medicine and reaffirm that killing a patient is never valid treatment."—Peter Morrow, MD, past president of the Catholic Medical Association
Franciscan University Press

9781733988988 : killing-in-the-name-of-healing-brennan
308 Pages
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