March 11, 2004
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Killing as Punishment

Reflections on the Death Penalty in America

One of the most respected (and ardent) opponents of the death penalty collects his highly acclaimed essays on capital punishment.


"As with any of Hugo Adam Bedau's works, Killing as Punishment is extremely well written and thought provoking."

Criminal Justice Review

"Hugo Bedau . . . has written widely on the death penalty. The first five chapters of his book "explore in detail a variety of factual issues raised by the death penalty," . . . The last four chapters are concerned with constitutional and ethical issues. Here the author argues that the Supreme Court's arguments are not conclusive; many moral arguments used by opponents of the death penalty are less conclusive than their users believe; and there are reasons favoring the abolition of the death penalty even for the worst murders."—Theology Digest
Northeastern University Press

9781555535957 : killing-as-punishment-bedau
256 Pages
$29.95 USD

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