February 10, 2013
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Key Concepts of Romanian History

Alternative Approaches to Socio-Political Languages

The theoretical analyses and interpretations contained in the studies of this volume focus on key-concepts such as: politics, politician, democracy, Europe, liberalism, constitution, property, progress, kinship, nation, national character and specificity, homeland, patriotism, education, totalitarianism, democracy, democratic, democratization, transition. The essays unveil specific aspects belonging to Romania's past and present. They also offer alternative perspectives on the Romanian culture through the relationship between the elite and society, and novel reflections on the delayed and unfinished modernization processes within the society and the state. The editors articulate the results coming from various sciences, such as history, linguistics, sociology, political sciences, and philosophy with the aim that the past and present profiles of Romania are better understood.

About the Authors

Victor Neumann is Professor of Universal and Romanian Modern History at the the West University of Timisoara and Director of the Reinhart Koselleck International Doctoral School of Conceptual History, which he jointly founded at the same university with co-editor Armin Heinen, and which benefits from the financial support of the Volkswagen Foundation, Germany.

Armin Heninen is Professor of Pre-modern and Modern History at the University of Aachen. He studied history, political sciences and mathematics at the University of Frankfurt am Main, and he earned his PhD from the University of Trier. He obtained his docentship from the University of Saarbrücken. He is an invited professor at the University of Würzburg. He has extensively published in the fi eld of European, German, Dutch, American and French comparative history.

Central European University Press

9786155225161 : key-concepts-of-romanian-history-neumann-heinen
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