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February 18, 2011
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Kat Among the Tigers

Exemplar of the Moderns, Katherine Mansfield (1888-1923), is reanimated by postmodern diva Kath MacLean in a tantric work of literary ventriloquism. But who is animating whom? "Sentences are punctuated with her rattle and cough; phrases burn with her fever. The world slants as she leans upon her walking stick to stroll out by the sea, or winces in pain when she moves her arm across a sheet of paper. To write, to record the stories living in her head with urgency and tremendous energy for someone so very ill, astounds, humbles, and inspires me to keep at it." (Kath MacLean) Katherine Mansfield fans and scholars, and readers who appreciate poetry that refuses to back down, should read Kat Among the Tigers.

About the Author

Kath MacLean is a professor of creative writing in Edmonton, Alberta. Her first book of poetry, For a Cappuccino on Bloor, received much acclaim, winning the New Muse Award. She recently recorded Seed Bone & Hammer, a CD of performance poetry, and produced a poetry video, There Was A Young Man. MacLean was a 2009/2010 Writer in Residence for the Canadian Author's Association. Visit her online at


"Kath MacLean is recognized as one of Edmonton's most eclectic poet-performers, her unique muse and creative delivery attract attention wherever she reads. Known for rich images, 'breath-taking lyricism' and musicality, her award-winning poetry, prose, and non-fiction is generating critical acclaim across Canada." The Toronto Quarterly, April 20, 2011 [Full review at]

"Inspired by the journals and correspondence of Katherine Mansfield, Kat Among the Tigers is drawing rave reviews from poetry fans and fellow writers. Kath MacLean has outdone herself once again with her excellent use of imagery and rhythms.... The local writer of poetry, prose and non-fiction has gained national acclaim as a poet-performer, with her creative delivery attracting attention wherever she reads." Heather Andrews Miller, Real Estate Weekly, May 26, 2011 [Full article at]

"In Kat Among the Tigers, Kath MacLean has not exactly become more Katherine Mansfield than KM could ever be, but she has lived so closely with her subject and done such careful, exhaustive research that she has certainly 'created her anew,' caught the freedom and intensity of her voice in this elegant, polished sequence of poems, a string of epiphanies and musings rooted in Katherine Mansfield's life. Within the poems, repetition, refrain, affection for littleness, off-rhyme all help create Katherine Mansfield's voice anew. Those who have read Katherine Mansfield may delight in finding phrases that link these poems to the journals, in fitting the various poems to places and times in Katherine Mansfield's life. Those who haven't read Mansfield will catch their breath at lines like 'One tires of tigers with tales thumping / fashionable accounts of nothing.' and 'How do you wild the tame?'.... Readers of Katherine Mansfield will want to put this book next to her stories, journals and letters. Those who have never read Katherine Mansfield will be impressed by Kath MacLean's assured, polished poetry. Whether or not you know Katherine Mansfield's work, Kat Among the Tigers is an impressive achievement." Elizabeth Greene, Prairie Fire Review of Books, Vol. 11, No. 2

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