April 15, 2008
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Kalmykia in Russia's Past and Present National Policies and Administrative System

Kalmykia is a constituent of the Russian Federation that shaped and has been developing within Russia for several centuries. Kalmykia was incorporated into the Russian state in the early second half of the 17 th century, it was officially recognized by the Russian authorities and constituted as an ethno-political entity in the form of feudal khanate with the status of a virtually autonomous unit. The Kalmyk Khanate's status as a largely self-ruling area within the Russian Empire gradually transformed into the status of a regular administrative territory under the Astrakhan governor. It received the status of a Republic from Stalin.Maksimov examines issues of interrelations between the Kalmyk people and Russia before and after the Kalmyks' accession to the Russian state. Analyzes the Soviet national policy and to the destiny of Kalmykia under the communist regime. The legal status of this republic and its development under the new Russian federalism are discussed in great details.

About the Authors

Konstantin N. Maksimov is a research-scholar, university professor, and has been active on the public and political stage as Vice President of Kalmykia (1985–1989), Chairman of Kalmyk Parliament (1993–1999), and long-standing Member of Parliament. He is member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Merited Scholar of the Russian Federation, and winner of the Silver Medal of Peter the Great, awarded for outstanding achievements in promoting scholarly research in Russia. 

Central European University Press

9789639776173 : kalmykia-in-russias-past-and-present-national-policies-and-administrative-system-maksimov-yastrzhembska
464 Pages
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