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August 1, 2001
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Just Another Poster?

Chicano Graphic Arts in California / Artes Graficas Chicanas en California

Edited by Chon A. Noriega
Just Another Poster? investigates the critical role posters and other graphic materials played in the Chicano struggle for self-determination in California, from the borderland of San Diego to the urban metropolis of San Francisco. This volume of essays by an interdisciplinary group of scholars and curators represents the first comprehensive study of the ways the poster, as a medium of expression largely relegated to the margins of art world display, distribution, and critical reception, has been a primary form of cultural expression within Chicano communities in California and across America.

About the Author

Chon Noriega is associate professor of film and television at the Univerity of Califonria at Los Angeles. The other contributors include José Montoya, George Lipsitz, Tere Romo, Holly Barnet-Sanchez, Rafael Pérez-Torres, and Carol A. Wells.


"This important contribution to Chicana and Chicano art scholarship, created to accompany an exhibition of work by the University Art Museum, University of California, Santa Barbara, is far more than the sometimes mundane exhibition catalog. In this fascinating introduction to the art, full-color reproductions are illustrative of the political implication of the words Chicana and Chicano and, equally valuable, of the cultural and aesthetic importance of the work. ."—Choice
University Art Museum, UC Santa Barbara

9780942006711 : just-another-poster-noriega
Paperback / softback
$39.95 USD

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