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September 19, 2006
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Jules Kirschenbaum

The Need to Dream of Some Transcendent Meaning

The art of Jules Kirschenbaum, with its very apparent reflection of the artist's struggle to find meaning in life, is a search for truth in odd bits of studio debris, in strange or imagined objects, or in his own visage.

Drawing on existential themes from philosophy, literature, and religion, the artist deals with issues of mortality and the spirit. In an age which reveled in abstraction and images of the banal, Kirschenbaum's work was steeped in the Western tradition of representation.

In his mature work, images of people and objects become metaphors for a deep examination of the nature of being and the human spirit. A Professor of Art at Drake University for over 30 years, Kirschenbaum is an undiscovered master.


"With 11 pages of supporting material, Worthen's book is a wealth of information for any student of art inspired by a rich story and the often-haunting images of an underrecognized artist working during the pinnacle of abstract art. Highly recommended."—Choice
University of Iowa Museum of Art

9780874141559 : jules-kirschenbaum-worthen
Paperback / softback
$29.95 USD

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